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About Clear Thinking Communications

Susan Parker founded Clear Thinking Communications in 1997 while attending graduate school at Harvard University. While she had worked in communications for years, several experiences at Harvard helped her see that clear thinking is the heart of effective communications.

First, she was surrounded by smart people who demanded that she think more clearly about what she said and wrote.

Second, she saw a lot of muddled thinking that was masked in fancy sounding words. Stripped away, it was unclear what, if anything, people were really saying.

Yet she knew that everyone had an important story to tell, whether they were academics, foundation officers, the people receiving services or those providing services.

Susan began working with foundations, large nonprofit organizations, universities, government agencies and progressive businesses to help them think clearly about their work and how to communicate that work.

About Susan Parker

Susan ParkerAs a freshman in college, I took my first journalism class and quickly realized that I wanted to be a reporter. I loved talking to people, figuring out what made them tick, tracking down hard-to-find information and then writing what I learned in an engaging, clear article that people wanted to read.

For the first eight years of my career, I worked as a print reporter. I honed my journalism skills while working for a daily newspaper and covering the Congressional beat. I then shifted gears and moved to Guatemala to learn Spanish and become a foreign correspondent. I jumped into reporting there at one of the most volatile times in the history of Guatemala-a civil war.
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