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How We Work

Our Approach

We love what we do and like working with smart, engaged people who are doing their best to improve the world.

  • We have a low-key approach that makes us comfortable and easy to work with.
  • We help our clients think more comprehensively than they have before about their goals and how to achieve them.
  • We tell our clients the truth about what we've learned about their programs - what's working and what isn't.
  • We dig deeply into projects to come up with new information.
  • We have fun working with our clients!

Typical Services and Tools

We offer a range of services - from short editing projects to
in-depth case studies - depending on our client's needs.
We typically use the following tools:

1. Case Studies

These studies provide practical information about client programs that can guide or improve their efforts. case study examples.

2. Issue Briefs and Tool Kits

Briefs and tool kits communicate a client's message in an engaging way while providing useful information to an audience. They encapsulate work that a client seeks to get out to a broader audience. issue brief and tool kit examples.

3. "Translating" Research and Evaluation into Clear English

These documents describe complex research and evaluation in clear and lively terms that key audiences can grasp. We often build these documents on original research or evaluation and include new information to make the work compelling to a specific audience. research and evaluation re-write examples.

4. Website Writing and Editing

Website pages, which we often write or edit under tight deadlines, convey a client's most important messages clearly and succinctly. website writing and editing examples.

5. Lessons Learned Reports

These reports capture and distill lessons learned from multi-million dollar projects that our clients have funded or participated in. lessons learned examples.

6. Grants Results Reports

Grants results reports summarize and illustrate the outcomes of major grants programs funded by foundations and others. report example.

To learn more about the services we offer go to Writing Samples.

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