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Are We a Good Match?

Are These Your Challenges?

You, like our clients, may face some of the following challenges:Does this sound like your business?

  • You have a story to tell about your work and don't know how to begin to tell it. You know that your organization's work has made a difference in people's lives. But you aren't sure how to communicate the work in a way that connects with policymakers, funders, the media and the public.
  • You need to translate technical information into everyday language that people can use. All fields have technical terms that are easy to use among peers. But when you need to communicate to an outside audience it's difficult to get your message across in plain English without sacrificing accuracy or nuance.
  • You and your staff are busy juggling a number of responsibilities and you must produce a cohesive and clearly written product for a key audience. You don't have the time required to do justice to this work.
  • You have completed funding or carrying out a program and you want to know the lessons learned. What really came out of this program that is of value to your organization and others?

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients want to make the world a better place. Many are multi-million or billion dollar organizations that possess the power to make changes and they want their work to make a difference. They are foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, academic institutions and progressive businesses.

Our clients value collaboration with other staff and consultants. They know that they bring crucial talents to a project and they like working with others who bring different and complementary talents. They believe that collaborative projects can produce much better results than ones done by an individual alone.

Our clients want a journalist's perspective on methods to communicate their message. They know that someone with a journalism background will approach a project differently than someone with a public relations or foundation background. They want the abilities of a reporter to dig out information for a project, establish a rapport with program participants and produce a lively, interesting document.

Our clients believe that stories are a critical aspect of communicating messages and connecting with key audiences. They know that data is crucial but they also know that it is the stories that engage people and draw them into learning more about their work.

Our clients bring a curiosity and eagerness to learn the key lessons from their efforts, both the positive ones and the less-than-positive ones, so that they can better meet their mission. They want to know what worked well and what didn't. They believe that openness and transparency about their work is the best way to continually improve and make an impact in the areas they seek to change.

Some of our clients include:

  • The Atlantic Philanthropies
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The Center for Effective Philanthropy
  • The Fetzer Institute
  • The Center for Evaluation Innovation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Harvard University
  • The U.S. Department of Education
  • The American Medical Association
  • The California Endowment
  • The James Irvine Foundation
  • The Education Development Center, Inc.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice
  • Grantmakers for Education
  • The Skillman Foundation
  • The Foundation Center
  • Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group


Now that you know more about the clients we work with and the problems we address learn more about us at How We Work.

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